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ViewSonic® ViewBoard® IFP6550 Description Featuring 4K Ultra HD resolution and an immersive 20-point touch screen, the ViewSonic® ViewBoard® IFP6550 delivers incredible collaborative capabilities for 21st century boardrooms and classrooms. With vBoard™ Embedded software, this 65” interactive flat panel lets multiple users write or draw on the screen with their fingers and styluses. For more robust annotation options, ViewBoard® Interactive Annotation Software for Windows PC is available via a free download. With a built-in quad-core processor, as well as versatile connectivity options including multiple HDMI, VGA, RS232, RJ45, and USB ports, this display provides powerful computing for annotation and multimedia playback without the need for a PC. This display delivers optional slot-in PC capability for more computing-intensive interactive applications. The IFP6550 features a VESA-compatible design and can be placed on a wall mount, or on an optional trolley cart for flexible installation in classrooms and corporate meeting rooms. |best tv brands |big tv hd |flat screen |flat screen monitor |flat screen monitor as tv |flat screen tv |flat screen tv deals |flat screen tv sales |viewsonic |viewsonic 16 inch tv |viewsonic 16 tv |viewsonic 26 inch lcd tv |viewsonic 27 inch tv |viewsonic 32 |viewsonic 32 inch |viewsonic 32 inch led tv |viewsonic 32 inch tv |viewsonic 32 led tv |viewsonic 32 tv |viewsonic 37 inch lcd tv |viewsonic 40 inch lcd tv |viewsonic 42 inch tv |viewsonic 65 interactive flat panel |viewsonic display |viewsonic flat panel |viewsonic flat screen computer monitors |viewsonic flat screen monitor |viewsonic flat screen tv |viewsonic hdtv |viewsonic interactive flat panel |viewsonic interactive flat panel display |viewsonic lcd |viewsonic lcd 32 inch |viewsonic lcd tv |viewsonic led tv |viewsonic led tv price |viewsonic monitor |viewsonic n3000w |viewsonic n3235 |viewsonic n3235w |viewsonic n3235w 32 lcd tv |viewsonic n3235w price |viewsonic n3246w lcd tv |viewsonic n3250w lcd tv |viewsonic n3760w lcd tv |viewsonic n4060w |viewsonic n4060w lcd tv |viewsonic smart tv |viewsonic television |viewsonic tv |viewsonic tv 19 |viewsonic tv 22 |viewsonic tv 32
The ViewSonic CDE6561T 65 Full HD ViewBoard The ViewSonic CDE6561T 65’’ (64.5’’ viewable) Full HD ViewBoard interactive flat panel display is a perfect solution for interactive business and educational classroom applications. This 10-point touch-enabled display, paired with PC-less operation and pre-installed annotation software, allows multiple users to simultaneously write or draw on the display’s 7H hardness surface using fingers or styluses. -With 10-point multi-touch capabilities, multiple users can simultaneously write or draw on the display's surface using styluses or their fingers – or both at the same time. -Built-in ARM Dual-Core CPU with 8GB Storage -Pre-Installed ViewBoard Embedded Software -Control Multiple Devices